2011 Football Pages

All-District Honors

Congratulations to the following Pirates who have won All-District honors for the 2011 football Season:

Braden Lyssy, District MVP, 

Phillip Garza, Offensive Co-MVP, First Team All-District Defense,

Antonio Cantu, Defensive MVP, First Team All-District Offense,

Tyler Kallies, First Team All-District Offense & Defense, 

Oscar Ramon, First Team All-District Offense & Defense,

Zach Lyssy, First Team All-District Offense, Second Team All-District Defense,

Craig Kilgore, First Team All-District Offense,

Garrett Yanta,  First Team All-District Defense,

Trey Broyles, First Team All-District Defense, Second Team All-District Offense,

Matt Zavala, Second Team All-District Offense,

Chase Wiatrek, Second Team All-District Defense, Honorable Mention

Blake Lyssy, Second Team All-District Defense,

Skip Herber, Honorable Mention,

Hunter Dugi, Honorable Mention,

Jerrek Hosek, Honorable Mention.

More Football Pictures Are Available

Pictures that appear on the game pages listed below are selected from a group of as many as 200 pictures.  The complete set of all pictures is given each week to ????????? for distribution to Poth football players and their families. 


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